Green Vendor Spotlight: Green Product Placement

Green Vendor Spotlight: Green Product Placement


Greening the Product Placement Business

In the spring of 2011, Green Product Placement founder Beth Bell found herself in an online TED discussion with Morgan Spurlock about his product-placement documentary, Pom Wonderful Presents the Greatest Movie Ever Sold. As she contemplated the fact that media product placement was an inevitable companion to marketing, advertising and financing productions, it occurred to her that the lucrative business model could be improved in a very green way. Inspired by the idea that the already powerful platform could be used for sustainable good, Bell launched Green Product Placement.

In the short span of two years, Green Product Placement has successfully placed 30 environmentally conscious brands in over 48 productions, including shows on HBO, CBS, FOX, The CW, TNT, Showcase and Netflix. The flourish of business is supported by the team’s extensive experience in the Product Placement industry, a steadfast commitment to sustainably operating in all regards, and promoting “businesses with more than just business on their minds.”

More than an advocate, Green Product Placement follows its own prescription by engaging current green technologies and practices, such as carbon-neutral web hosting, paper-minimal offices, teleconferencing and minimal travel, and actively pursuing new environmental trends. Green Product Placement also works with non-profits related to sustainable production and donates a portion of their profits to organizations aligned with their philosophy of green, local and socially-enriching business.

To learn more about Green Product Placement and how they can fulfill your production’s dress and prop needs while supporting local, green, sustainable, organic or socially enterprising brands, visit them and check out their Green Production Guide Vendor Page.