Green Vendor Spotlight: Pulp Art Surfaces

Green Vendor Spotlight: Pulp Art Surfaces


Green Vendor Spotlight: Pulp Art Surfaces

If you’ve seen any popular movie or television show released in the past five years, it’s likely you’ve encountered the work of Pulp Art Surfaces. Founded in 2008 with the mission to “bring a little more ‘green’ to the television and motion picture industry,” Pulp Art Surfaces has quickly become a widely accepted, eco-friendly source for dimensional wall skins and an enthusiastic proponent of environmentally sustainable production.

Pulp Art Surfaces produces a diverse array of wall skins featuring patterns such as faux brick, cement block and stone, all of which are made from 100% recycled newspaper, cardboard and woodchips and manufactured in the USA. And eco-minded production crews can’t seem to get enough. Pulp Art Surfaces has grown its business every year since it began in 2008, providing not only film and television sets with recyclable set materials, but also theater productions, trade shows and retail stores.

When considering the ecological impact of film, television and commercial production and the waste the industry produces, the need for a company like Pulp Art Surfaces is starkly apparent. The scores of unsustainably sourced balsa, lauan, plywood, MDF sheets and petroleum-based products that comprise many sets all contribute to a hefty environmental footprint, especially when the disposal and reuse of such materials are improperly managed. Pulp Art Surfaces, however, has built its success upon the axioms of recycling, minimalism, and sustainable innovation to consistently deliver high-quality, environmentally friendly wall skins on an increasingly large scale.

Pulp Art Surfaces now works with major studios such as Warner Bros. Studios, Fox, CBS, Sony, Disney, NBC/Universal, and Raleigh Studios, and ships internationally to distributors in Canada, England and, most recently, Stockholm, Sweden, which affords Pulp Art Surfaces an exciting opportunity to expand in Europe. Productions like CASTLE, HAPPILY DIVORCED, PARKS AND RECREATION, GIRLS, BIG BROTHER, DJANGO UNCHAINED, DEXTER, SPIDER MAN 4, COMMUNITY, KICK-ASS 2, and AMERICAN HORROR STORY have all become a little greener after consciously choosing to improve their sets’ sustainability and work with Pulp Art Surfaces.

As for the benefits of using Pulp Art Surfaces’ dimensional wall skins, here are just few:

  • Non-toxic and fire-rated
  • Green Dot and ISO 14000 compliant
  • Can be mitered and sanded
  • Flexible, strong and lightweight
  • Available in ten different textures
  • 3/16” thick for excellent durability

If you’re at all skeptical of Pulp Art Surfaces’ quality, just watch the video below. The staff members certainly don’t hesitate to stand behind their product – or drive over it – to show you just how durable it is.

Interested in learning more about Pulp Art Surfaces? Visit their Green Production Guide Vendor Page or head over to