Green Production Guide In Action

Here you’ll find videos and case studies of productions that have implemented a sustainability program using tools from the Green Production Guide, as well as reports written by industry professionals highlighting the benefits of a greener production.

Case Studies

Call of the Wild

Go behind the scenes of Call of the Wild and see how the crew went green on set.


The X-Files continued to break new ground in sustainable TV production during season 11.


Learn about the green practices throughout the filming of FX’s Legion.

Woman in the Window

The film The Woman in the Window implemented sustainability throughout their NYC shoot.


The Magicians

SYFY’s The Magicians takes you inside their world as the cast and crew highlight their green production practices on set.


HBO’s Divorce shows how green practices such as reusable water bottles, composting, and utilizing an Eco PA can make a big impact.

Madam Secretary

CBS’s Madam Secretary shows us how normalizing sustainable production and encouraging peer support inspired their eco-mission on season two.

The X-Files

Fox’s The X-Files continues their award-winning sustainability program through community stewardship, data tracking, and using innovative green technology on-screen.

Sesame Street

HBO Max’s Sesame Street teaches you that learning how to recycle is as easy as A,B,C! Come inside to find out how they go green throughout production.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Sony Pictures Studios’ The Amazing Spider-Man 2 demonstrates how an immersive sustainability program and spidey senses can directly influence how we can reduce our impact in the film industry.


Lights! Cameras! Clean Energy!

Informed by leading industry research, Rocky Mountain Institute and the Green Production Guide collaborated on a new report to help television and film production companies integrate clean energy themes and ideas into on-screen content.

Going Green & Saving Green: A Cost-Benefit Analysis

Read how sustainable production practices can translate into budgetary savings for productions.


Every issue of Produced By Magazine features an article about sustainable production. Check out the most recent copy!

UCLA On-Screen Behavior Study

This UCLA Study addresses the frequency and relevancy of sustainable behaviors on screen.

In The News

Hollywood Studios Target Sustainability as Big Production Goal

Variety (Jan. 2020) This article discusses how studios have worked together to adopt sustainable practices and technologies within the industry.

Hollywood Goes Green in Oscars 2020 Sustainability Drive

Channel 5 (Feb. 2020) This news segment highlights sustainable actions taking place throughout Hollywood, from the 2020 Academy Awards to Set Designers to stars protesting for climate action.

Vegan Food, Recycled Tuxedos – And Billions of Tonnes of CO2: Can Hollywood ever go green?

The Guardian (Jan. 2020) This article delves into the aspirations of actors and studios to continue incorporating more sustainable practices into film and TV production.

Hollywood Studios Target Sustainability as Big Production Goal

Mark Ruffalo is outraged—but in a good way. The passionate actor/producer channels his outrage into movies that are bold and sometimes uncomfortable. He tells stories that we need to hear, because they are about real things that scare us and bother us—things like fearless reporters and predatory priests, relentless lawyers and polluted water. Things like the health of rural families and why 190 cows fell over dead in a field in West Virginia.