Thoughts On “Greening the Screen”

Thoughts On “Greening the Screen”

I returned from New Orleans last weekend on a high.  Not from the drive-thru daiquiri’s (although they were yummy!) but from the enthusiastic response to Second Line Stage’s “Greening the Screen” panel. I was privileged to be a speaker, along with Mari Jo Winkler (PGA Green Chair, East), Katie Carpenter (PGA Green Co-Chair, East), Jane Evans (Focus Films, PGA member),  Meredith Bergmann (Green Media Solutions), and Joshua Throne (Line Producer/UPM working in New Orleans). This panel prompted a lively discussion with local crew and vendors on the state of sustainability as it relates to the entertainment industry.

The panel and audience agreed that we all must continue to speak up when we see a sustainable solution to existing issues in our work environment. A few attending expressed concern that today’s crew may have a hard time implementing green practices when their supervisors push back. The consensus of the panel was to approach these people with solutions that would appeal directly to their job and their department. One of the most popular approaches is to find a cost-cutting way to lessen the carbon footprint — sustainable solutions that actually save money.

Productions must adhere to the bottom-line — we all know that. However, there’s no reason why we can’t Save Green$ By Being Green, which is exactly the focus of the upcoming PGA Green, West seminar at Sony, 11/13/10, from 10 a.m.-1 p.m! I’m looking forward to attending and learning more directly from the folks finding solutions on productions every day. This seminar is free to PGA members, and available for a nominal fee to non-members. Check out’s calendar for further details.

And special thanks is due to Second Line Stages for sponsoring the event in New Orleans, and for walking the walk with their brand-new “green-minded” stages. Check them out!

Written by Kathleen Courtney, PGA Green Chair, West

Photo by David Paul Ohmer via Flickr (Creative Commons)